Reasons for hydraulic pressure

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The pressure generated by the hydraulic pressure system of the plate and frame filter press in Henan can meet the needs of the equipment. Plate and frame filter press machine if you want to ensure the normal work, you need to keep the filter chamber closed high-pressure environment, which is a necessary condition of filter press is generated there must be a strong pressure, filter press two forms of pressure filter before (both human pressure and mechanical pressure) filter press when the maximum can reach 78 MPa, and the hydraulic pressure range to improve the look of tens of MPA, which greatly satisfy the needs of filter press filter press began development. It paves the way for the mass filter press.
The hydraulic pressure system of Henan plate and frame filter press is easier to control. The hydraulic system adopts the whole road monitoring, monitoring, detection of the controller are designed in each of the key parts of the hydraulic oil filter press the controller can well pressure always converted into electronic signals, so you can imagine the filter press equipment on the exchange and communication between the microcomputer control system with the hydraulic pressure system, frame filter so as to achieve the easy control of hydraulic system. This also creates the necessary conditions for the intelligent hydraulic pressure filter, plate and frame filter press automation, provides a foothold for the future development of filter press.
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