What are the methods of controlling the flow rate

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Henan filter pump can be used in oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, steel, electricity, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and water treatment industry. Wide range of applications, it has also been a lot of users of all ages, but in the use of how to adjust the filter pump flow, many users are not very clear. The following small manufacturers - Ming Hua filter press for a brief introduction.
Control filter pump flow method has four kinds;
1 adjust impeller diameter
This method does not use any external components, and the flow characteristic curve varies with the diameter.
2 speed control
The impeller speed change directly changes the flow curve of the pump, the characteristics of the curve does not change, the speed decreases, the curve becomes flat, the pressure head and the maximum flow rate are reduced.
3 bypass valve adjustment
In this way the valve and pump in parallel, it is the actual effect of the same as the use of a new pump system, the pump's maximum output pressure head changes, while the flow curve characteristics also change, the flow curve is closer to linear.
4 outlet valve opening adjustment
In this method, the pump is connected with the outlet pipe regulating valve in series, and its actual effect is similar to that of the new pump system.
The adjustment of the impeller diameter of the pump impeller of the Henan filter press has little influence on the efficiency of the whole pump system. The speed control method does not affect the efficiency of the system, as long as the speed is not less than 50% of the normal speed. The overall efficiency of the system, both the outlet valve regulation and the bypass regulation, increase the pressure loss of the pipeline, and the efficiency of the pump system is greatly reduced.
The above is the Ming Hua press for a brief introduction, we believe that through all of the filter machine control special pump flow method to have a general understanding of it, the article source:

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