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我们都知道,压滤机设备按理说是不能雨淋的,这样会对压滤机设备整体造成很大的伤害,严重的时候,可能造成整台设备的报废,所以强调设备的防水的保护工作至关重要,只要我们的As we all know, filter press equipment was arguably not rain, it will cause great harm to the filter press equipment, in severe cases, may cause the whole equipment scrap, so that equipment waterproof protection work is essential, as long as our Henan pressure filter machine manufacturers to take the right way to remedy, at least can let the damage to a low. The following Henan sewage treatment filter press manufacturers tell you how the filter press rain erosion treatment?
If the equipment is rain, power is the first thing we should do is to prevent broken equipment, personnel in the back up because of rain erosion caused by the overall conductive equipment caused by the casualties, when broken power, we should use waterproof bag control box device tightly wrapped up, because the control system of the equipment of the destruction of the rain, and the control box equipment, gathered precise electronic components and conductive line, once they have the rain, light is not the normal operation of equipment, heavy equipment serious paralysis". Once the device is placed in the location of the 10cm of water, this time, we need to be out of the water in the equipment, the equipment transferred to no water, no rain to go. When the rain is eroding the filter press equipment, we should adopt the method.
When the rain is over, we need all the parts cleaning equipment further, remove equipment in the rain and debris, especially the equipment in the control box, as long as the precision components method of control box PRC or micro computer has signs of water erosion, we remove the surface of the water, we need to do hot air blowing work for more than 10 minutes to heat them with a hair dryer, let the inner water with hot air evaporate, avoid them internally stay, increases the probability of destroying the element.
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