How to choose the lubricating oil?

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In the purchase or introduction of new filter press equipment, first encountered an important problem is the problem of lubricating oil. If the oil is not selected, the equipment will be an immeasurable failure, and even equipment damage or serious consequences such as personal accidents. The selection of lubricating oil for filter press is related to many factors. According to the practical experience and theory, it can be considered from three aspects.
(1) load: the load is large, should choose a large viscosity, oil or good lubrication performance of lubricating oil, on the contrary, the load is small, should choose a small viscosity of lubricating oil.
(2) the speed of movement: the pressure of the lubricating parts of the filter press is high, and the low viscosity lubricating oil should be used. If the use of high viscosity instead of increasing the friction resistance, adverse lubrication.
(3) temperature: ambient temperature and operating temperature. The ambient temperature is low, the lubricating oil viscosity and low pour point.
(4) the environment, temperature and contact with the water: in a wet working environment, or contact with water more working conditions, should be used to choose a strong emulsion, oil and rust preventive performance of good oil.
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